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Abu Dhabi is an attractive place for living and investing in real estate. Thanks to its mild climate, rich cultural heritage, and significant investment potential, the city has been popular among real estate buyers in the UAE for many years. If you are planning to buy property in Abu Dhabi, specialists at Alira Real Estate company will help you find a suitable option. On our website, there is a large selection of apartments, villas, and apartments for profitable investment.


Advantages of Buying Real Estate in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and one of the richest emirates in the country. Its main source of income is oil, which brings in good profits and allows the authorities to invest substantial funds in the city’s development. Here, there are large shopping centers, entire business hubs, luxurious hotels, and restaurants. The coastline is occupied by respectable resort infrastructure, and the sandy beaches are clean and picturesque.


Many foreign citizens strive to invest in real estate in Abu Dhabi for several reasons:


  • Profitable and reliable investment;
  • Low tax rates when owning property;
  • Cleanliness, peaceful atmosphere, and high level of safety in the city;
  • Presence of prestigious schools and other educational institutions;
  • High profitability of real estate objects;
  • Large expatriate community;
  • Wide choice of housing for any needs – from small studios or apartments to luxurious villas and penthouses;
  • Developed tourism industry;
  • Opportunity to obtain a “Golden Visa” for investments;
  • Reasonable prices per square meter for foreigners.


Popular Areas for Buying Real Estate in Abu Dhabi


Popular areas for buying real estate in Abu Dhabi include:


  • Saadiyat Island – a cultural and entertainment center of the city, a resort recognized as one of the best in the Middle East. On the 9 km beach, there are luxurious hotels, restaurants, and recreational centers. Studios and spacious apartments are offered for sale. Prices are high, but costs are recouped in the coming years.
  • Yas Island – the center of sports and entertainment life of the capital. It houses the Yas Marina Circuit, amusement parks, and an 18-hole championship golf course. On the island, you can buy apartments, apartments, or cozy studios for rent.
  • Al Reem Island – an educational center with prestigious schools and a branch of the Sorbonne in Paris. The island’s territory is actively built up with high-rise residential complexes offering apartments and penthouses for sale. The main attractions of the island are the Snow Abu Dhabi amusement park and the Reem Mall shopping center.
  • Al Shahama – a district on Al Reem Island with luxury villas and apartments. Its residents can use well-kept golf courses, numerous sports facilities, and shopping centers. The district has the necessary infrastructure, making it a comfortable place to live.
  • Al Maryah Island – a business center with office skyscrapers and business hubs. Here you can buy commercial real estate, apartments, and apartments. The area is known for the best hospital in the UAE, the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and The Galleria shopping center with boutiques from world-renowned brands.

Types of Abu Dhabi Properties for Sale Offered


Employees of Alira Real Estate company will select real estate in Abu Dhabi according to clients’ requests. The website presents:


  • Apartments and apartments – designed for different numbers of rooms (usually from 1 to 5) and are an excellent choice for families. You can find inexpensive accommodations or prefer elite apartments located by the sea with views of the beaches. Young professionals and childless couples often choose compact studios.
  • Villas – individual houses with private garages, pools, and land plots. In many cases, the buildings are located in closed communities or autonomous neighborhoods where residents have access to modern infrastructure facilities – gyms, spa salons, shops, private schools, tennis courts.
  • Penthouses – prestigious apartments on the top floors of high-rise buildings. They occupy large areas and can be located on two or three levels. Many rooms have spacious terraces or roof access.
  • Townhouses – two-story buildings that house several multi-level apartments. Each unit has a separate entrance and a small plot of land. The apartment may include a parking space.
  • Commercial real estate – located in hotels, offices, and business centers. It is usually purchased by entrepreneurs looking for a place to conduct business or planning to generate income from renting out premises.


Lifestyle in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is a cosmopolitan city where traditional ways of life harmoniously blend with international influences. There are always many foreigners here, warmly and loyally welcomed by the local residents. Citizens from other countries, for example, are not required to adhere to Muslim clothing requirements, but at the same time, they should respect local traditions with their appearance. Women can drive and visit public places unaccompanied.


The capital of the UAE is a major cultural center, hosting events, concerts, and theatrical performances. If desired, you can experience falconry or attend camel racing. The cost of living in Abu Dhabi is lower than in Dubai, so foreigners can relax and spend time in the city comfortably.


Property Prices in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi property for sale varies widely in price – from moderate prices away from the center and the coast to high prices in prestigious residential complexes or on artificial islands. The cost of housing is determined by many factors. Prices on property for sale in Abu Dhabi are influenced by the area, location of the house, total area of the property, and available amenities.


Let’s consider the cost per square meter of real estate in the capital in different areas in 2023:


  • Al Bandar – up to $4000
  • Saadiyat Beach Residences – up to $3700
  • Yas Island – up to $3700
  • Al Muneera – up to $3700
  • Al Zeina – up to $3500
  • Al Reef Downtown – up to $2300
  • City of Lights (Hydra) – up to $2300
  • City of Lights (other projects) – up to $250
  • Marina Square – up to $2800
  • Sun & Sky Towers – up to $2900


Real Estate Investments in Abu Dhabi


Buying property in Abu Dhabi allows foreigners to reside in a wealthy country year-round. Housing in the city is an excellent investment object. Not long ago, the territory of the UAE capital was a small old fortress surrounded by fishermen’s huts. Today, it is a developed metropolis, a major cultural and business center with high investment attractiveness.


Local authorities are improving the city, creating conditions for development and attracting foreign capital. Special attention is paid to diversifying the economy. The government does not want to rely solely on oil extraction. Attention is paid to tourism, construction, industry, agriculture, making the city attractive to businessmen from different economic spheres.


Thanks to investments, foreign citizens in Abu Dhabi can count on good income. Real estate investments will pay off in the near future, as the return on investment (ROI) is around 6-7% per annum. Prices per square meter fluctuate with economic ups and downs, but in the long term, they are constantly rising.


Advantages of Turning to Our Agency


At Alira Real Estate agency, you will receive qualified assistance in real estate transactions in Abu Dhabi. The advantages of contacting us include:


  • A full range of services for buying/selling, renting, and managing real estate.
  • Confidentiality of clients’ information, guarantee that it will not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Services of professionals who know the specifics of the real estate market in the UAE well.
  • Impeccable reputation, the opportunity to find a reliable partner with many years of experience in the Arab Emirates.
  • Convenient property search on the website – a well-thought-out filtering system, a large amount of useful information.
  • Current data on properties for sale in Abu Dhabi and other cities.
  • Flexible approach to clients, selection of real estate taking into account the buyer’s preferences and budget.


We carefully check the properties and offer safe options from reliable developers, private sellers, or agencies. Here you will find both inexpensive offers and luxurious villas, apartments, and penthouses. Our company’s specialists provide detailed consultations and ensure legal support for the transaction. To get more information about our services, submit a request on the website, contact us via email, or call us at +7 (986) 927-73-77 , +971 (588) 337 903.


Yes, there are freehold zones in the emirate where foreign citizens can freely own real estate. The city authorities are making efforts to revitalize the housing market and make Abu Dhabi attractive to foreigners. Buyers are offered mortgages and installment plans, and property ownership is registered at a low tax rate.

Abu Dhabi offers many properties with high profitability. Property tax here is only 2%, and ROI can reach up to 7%, making buying property a profitable investment.

Both cities offer a prosperous and comfortable life. However, Dubai is more lively and bustling, with a high population density, while Abu Dhabi is more tranquil, with many cultural institutions and an affordable cost of living.

Among the popular areas is Yas Island. It attracts visitors with its beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and beautiful sea views. Other sought-after locations include Al Maryah, Saadiyat, and Al Reem islands.

On average, it takes about one month for a regular property transaction to be completed and the ownership of a house or apartment to be registered.

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