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In today’s market, many individuals are contemplating the purchase of an apartment in the UAE for investment purposes due to its favorable investment climate, rich cultural heritage, and robust security measures. Owning an apartment not only facilitates comfortable living in the country but also offers opportunities for generating income and relishing the warm climate and pristine waters of the Persian Gulf.


At “Alira Real Estate,” our UAE-based real estate agency website presents an extensive array of housing options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of interested parties. Whether for seasonal vacations, permanent residence, investment, or accommodations during business trips, we offer a range of UAE apartments for sale.


Key advantages of acquiring an apartment in the United Arab Emirates include:

  • Increasing relevance of property investment in the UAE, supported by the government’s initiatives to attract foreign buyers.
  • Varied pricing options for apartments in the UAE due to a wide selection of real estate properties.
  • Strong economic indicators, such as a high GDP per capita, reflecting the nation’s thriving economy.
  • Customizable apartment features, including floor level, area, layout, and scenic views, catering to diverse purposes such as rental, residential, or commercial use.
  • Enhanced security measures, ensuring legal protection for investments.

In practical terms, purchasing an apartment in the UAE unlocks a plethora of opportunities, from luxurious living to residency acquisition. Our team at “Alira Real Estate” is committed to providing comprehensive assistance throughout the property search and ownership registration processes.

What cities in the UAE are the most popular for buying apartments?

The final cost of flats for sale in the UAE depends on a number of factors, including not only the characteristics of the housing but also the location – the city and district. For a better understanding of the features and specifics, let’s consider which places in the country are the most interesting and promising in terms of investments:


  • Dubai: The capital of the UAE, where a large number of municipal and state institutions are located. The city is positioned as a center for the development of science and technology, as well as an entertainment center. The return on investment in popular areas of the city reaches 6-7%, which is a high indicator.
  • Abu Dhabi: The second largest city in the country after Dubai with an attractive investment climate. There is a wide selection of real estate properties for commercial purposes and permanent residence. The city is positioned as a major cultural center, so museums and exhibitions can be found. For renting accommodation, it is better to purchase it in the Al Ghadeer and Al Reef areas.
  • Ajman: A city located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, with several ports. This is convenient for those who are engaged in active foreign economic activity. The final prices for apartments in the UAE here are lower than in other cities, which makes housing more affordable. There is an opportunity to register a private company. Compared to other years, there are relaxations in terms of the dry law here.
  • Ras Al Khaimah: A city that is ideal for permanent residence. Beautiful views of the Hajar Mountains can be seen from the apartments. As for the population, predominantly Arabs live here.
  • Fujairah: A small-sized city that has fairly good prospects for active economic development. It has access to the Gulf of Oman. There is a large free economic zone for doing business. An airport is located nearby, which is very convenient.
  • Sharjah: It ranks 3rd in population density in the country. Conveniently located near Dubai. There are free economic zones, which are relevant for doing business. The city operates strict Muslim rules, which imposes certain restrictions in terms of dress code and behavior.

Each city has its own characteristics that should be taken into account when planning to buy an apartment in the United Arab Emirates. When choosing a specific one, consider the goals of acquiring real estate properties.

Types of Apartments for Sale in the UAE

Leading developers offer a wide selection of apartments, distinguished by layout and stylistic execution. At our real estate agency, Alira Real Estate, you can choose from the following types of apartments:


  • One to five-bedroom apartments: Ideal for permanent residency, often located in residential quarters of the city, near shopping centers and dining establishments.
  • Studios: Primarily purchased for short-term rental, offering a heightened level of comfort suitable for 1-2 individuals. They are often rented out for parties or ceremonial events. In the Emirates, such apartments provide opportunities for rental through real estate agencies, yielding systematic passive income.
  • Elite Apartments: Luxurious accommodations with VIP layouts and finishes utilizing exclusive materials. Located in secure city neighborhoods, typically within residential complexes featuring comprehensive security and full-service amenities (including concierge services).
  • Budget-friendly: Economically styled apartments with finishes using budget materials, making them the most accessible for buyers. Represented by thousands of offerings from the country’s leading developers.
  • By the Sea: Residential apartments and villas situated along the Persian Gulf coastline, offering beautiful sea views and azure beaches. Characterized by high costs yet providing enhanced comfort and comprehensive leisure facilities. These UAE flats for sale boast increased profitability and are in demand among affluent tourists.

The final cost of an apartment in the UAE depends on the property’s location (city, district) and type of finish. Each option has its peculiarities and merits, but the choice should be based on the purpose of the purchase: rental, temporary or permanent residency, or future resale.

UAE Apartments Prices

When purchasing apartments in the United Arab Emirates, buyers attach great importance to its cost. In practice, apartment prices in the Emirates can vary significantly. The main factors influencing pricing include:


  • City: The most expensive apartments are found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as they are major business centers. Apartments in Ajman, Fujairah, and Sharjah are slightly cheaper.
  • City district and infrastructure: Factors such as transportation convenience, proximity to social infrastructure facilities (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, clinics), shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants can affect apartment prices.
  • Apartment size.
  • Finishing: The final cost of housing depends on the style and quality of the finishing.

Our agency, Alira Real Estate, offers a wide selection of apartments in various districts and cities.


Investments in Apartments in the UAE

Experts note that investing in apartments in the UAE is an excellent source of income. It’s no wonder why many citizens of foreign countries actively seek various options for purchasing apartments and houses in the United Arab Emirates.


Advantages of Collaborating with Our Agency

At Alira Real Estate, we offer favorable conditions for collaboration, making the sale, purchase, and rental of apartments in the UAE accessible to many. Our agency employs specialists with extensive experience who approach real estate selection competently and responsibly.

Key advantages of collaborating with us include:


  • Expanded range of services: We provide rental, purchase/sale, and property management services.
  • Complete confidentiality: Our employees never disclose client data to third parties, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Flexible interaction conditions: We accommodate all specific customer preferences, allowing for tailored collaboration.
  • Time-tested reputation: Our firm’s reputation is backed by positive reviews, affirming our reliability and professionalism.

Furthermore, we maintain a regularly updated database of residential and commercial properties in the UAE. If you’re looking to buy apartments, whether for personal use or investment purposes, we offer a diverse range of options to explore. For additional information, feel free to contact us at +971 (588) 337 903 and +7 (986) 927-73-77, email us at, or submit a request on our website.

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