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The reasons for the high demand for real estate in the United Arab Emirates are varied and easily explainable. For example, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, offering ideal conditions for immigration and living in a rapidly growing metropolis. Other emirates offer real estate at lower prices while providing opportunities for living and business development. You can find and buy private houses and villas for sale in the UAE on the website of the real estate agency ‘Alira Real Estate.'”


Advantages of Buying Villas and Houses in the UAE

Although real estate prices have been rising in recent years, the demand remains stable. The economic development of the emirates and the constant demand for additional living space mean that prices will continue to rise, and as an investor, you can benefit from this growth. 


  • Tax Benefits. In the emirates, there is no annual property tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, income tax, or corporate tax. The rule applies to both individuals and legal entities, with no difference in taxation for residents and non-residents.
  • High Quality of Life. The UAE offers modern infrastructure, world-class healthcare, international educational institutions, and various leisure activities. The high quality of life means that buying a home in the United Arab Emirates is interesting not only for investors but also for owner-occupiers, who can benefit from the increase in property value upon purchase.
  • Promising Development. The emirates continue to implement innovative projects and developments, making the country a leading economic and life center. The theme of sustainable development is becoming increasingly important. As a property buyer, you benefit from positive development and the constant growth in the value of your property.
  • Safety and Stability. The United Arab Emirates and, in particular, Dubai are known for their political stability and high level of security. The government actively promotes investment and effectively protects the property of investors. The dirham has proven itself as a stable national currency.

If you’re looking for a house for sale in the UAE, our agency can provide you with a wide range of options to explore. 


Popular Cities for Buying Villas and Houses in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates:



Each emirate has unique characteristics and a real estate market that affects the prices of the UAE houses and villas.


Dubai is the most populous emirate in the UAE, with modern architecture and a vibrant lifestyle. Prices for houses and villas in Dubai are high compared to other emirates, but there are more options in terms of location and size. According to research company Mondor Intelligence, real estate in Dubai will be characterized by moderate price growth for several years, indicating affordability and favorable investment prospects. The average price for villas in January 2024 was around 1.8 million dirhams. The price increased by 11% compared to the previous year.


Buying a villa in the UAE in such areas as Palm Jumeirah or Emirates Hills can cost from 10 to 100 million dirhams. As of February 2024, a house with an area of 200-300 sqm in the Dubai Sports City or Jumeirah Village Circle areas costs from 1 to 5 million dirhams. Exclusive villas in the MBR City area can be purchased from 15 to 30 million dirhams. Living in them allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s famous skyline.


Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is known for its luxurious real estate and elite lifestyle. According to Metropolitan Capital Real Estate LLC, the minimum price for villas starts from 6 million dirhams. /Prices for houses and villas in Abu Dhabi vary widely depending on the location and type of property. For example, as of February 2024, a villa on Saadiyat Island or Yas may cost from 10 to 100 million dirhams, while a smaller house in a less prestigious area may cost from 2 to 5 million dirhams.



Ajman is a small emirate located north of Dubai, known for its stunning coastline and relaxed lifestyle. As of March 2024, a luxury villa in areas such as Al Zora or Al Helio can cost from 2 to 10 million dirhams, while a smaller house in Al Rawda or Al Jurf can cost from 500,000 to 2 million dirhams.


Ras Al Khaimah

The northernmost emirate of the UAE, known for its natural beauty and active recreation. According to statistics, prices for houses and villas in Ras Al Khaimah are more affordable than in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Compared to 2023, prices have increased by 5%. As of March 2024, a villa in areas such as Al Hamra Village or Mina Al Arab can cost from 2 to 15 million dirhams, while a smaller house in Al Dhait or Al Mamura will cost you from 500,000 to 2 million dirhams.



The only emirate located on the east coast of the UAE. The emirate boasts rocky mountains and clean beaches. In 2024, you can buy a villa in the UAE on the seafront in the Al Aqah or Dibba Al Fujairah areas for between 2 and 10 million dirhams. A private house in areas like Al Hayl or Masafi ranges from 500,000 to 2 million dirhams.



sharjah third-largest emirate in the UAE, known for its cultural heritage and a favorable atmosphere for family vacations. According to Mondor Intelligence, houses and villas in Al Zahia or Al Jada have increased in price by 7%. In 2024, they will start at 3 million dirhams. Villas larger than 300 m2 can be purchased for 15 million dirhams. Houses in Muwaileh or Al Nahda range from 1 to 3 million dirhams.

Prices for the UAE villas 

The cost of houses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) varies depending on the location, size, and quality of the property. UAE house for sale options in central districts such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are more expensive than real estate in less popular areas.


According to various data, the cost of a house in the UAE starts from 500,000 and reaches several million dirhams, while luxury real estate is even more expensive. In addition to the cost of the property itself, it is necessary to consider registration and agency fees, maintenance costs, etc.


The real estate market in the UAE may fluctuate, and prices depend on economic and political factors. Before buying a house in the UAE, it is important to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice.


Investing in villas in the UAE

The growth of the Arab Emirates is based on foreign investments, so it is quite logical that the sale of villas in the UAE is accompanied by a high level of investment security. If you’re seeking a villa for sale in the UAE, rest assured that as a foreign investor, not only are you protected when purchasing construction projects, but also as a landlord, you have greater security than in other investment locations.


In Dubai, rental income from villas is well provided by a favorable legal situation and its quick implementation. If you choose the right project, you can achieve a stable return of 6.5% to 12%.


Terms of cooperation with the agency “Alira Real Estate”

Our team of professionals helps find homes in the Emirates, make informed investment decisions, and maximize profits from your real estate portfolio in the UAE.


How we help clients:


  • buying, selling, renting, and managing real estate;
  • consultations on investment strategy and obtaining residency in the UAE.

We conduct transparent business negotiations: transaction participants know their roles and functions of interested parties, the names of partners and counterparties are open to clients. If you’re looking for villas to buy, we ensure a transparent process where all parties involved understand their roles. We guarantee that personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without a real need and your consent.


Buying, selling, or investing in real estate is a serious decision. Leave a request on the website, and we will advise you. If you want to buy a villa in the UAE, call us at +7 (986) 927-73-77 and +971 (588) 337 903 or email us at


Villa in DAMAC Lagoons

3 000 000 AED

Villa in Damac Lagoons

5 500 000 AED

Villa in Amara

6 700 000 AED

Villa in Emaar The Oasis

8 100 000 AED

Villa in Canal Cove The Palm Jumeirah

17 000 000 AED

Villa in Tilal Al Ghaf

7 500 000 AED

Villa in Park Gate

11 200 000 AED

Villa in The Acres

5 090 000 AED
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