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The last month of spring in the United Arab Emirates is marked by the approach of the hot season. The weather in Dubai in May is characterized by high air temperatures, increased humidity, and intense sunlight. The heat has not yet fully engulfed the city, so there are always many tourists on its streets. Thanks to its climate, beautiful nature, and safety, Dubai is one of the most sought-after travel destinations. If you are planning to visit the city in May, from our article you will learn all about the weather features during this period.

Weather in Dubai in May 

Dubai is a popular resort that attracts tourists with its white sandy beaches, picturesque dunes, and great shopping opportunities. Most guests come here from October to April when the weather in the city is comfortable, suitable for strolls and beach relaxation. By May, the pleasant coolness gradually gives way to heat, and the metropolis welcomes the hot summer.

The average daytime temperature in Dubai in May stays around +35…+37°C. There is almost no rainfall, but occasional sandstorms occur. The characteristic feature of May weather is high air humidity. During this period, it contains less oxygen than tourists from temperate latitudes are used to, so some people may experience weakness and increased fatigue when visiting the city.

The May heat has not fully taken hold yet, but it can already be distinctly felt during the daytime. For this reason, May vacations are often chosen for visiting the beaches rather than sightseeing in the city. If you plan to venture into the desert, opt for light and breathable clothing made from natural materials. Sunglasses and headgear are essential.

Russian tourists love to come to Dubai for the May holidays. The first decade of the month is still very comfortable for relaxation, so it’s better to buy tours in advance. As summer approaches, the air temperature rises, the sea becomes warmer, and by the end of the month, Dubai is already experiencing real desert heat. The peak season ends, and the number of tourists decreases. This provides a more secluded atmosphere and pleases those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Air and Water Temperature in Dubai in May 

During the day, the air can warm up to +40…+41°C. Dubai’s desert climate leads to high humidity by the end of spring, which doesn’t allow for prolonged outdoor activities. The heat persists even in the evening. At night, the temperature drops to +27…+28°C, so it’s not necessary to pack a lot of warm clothing for the trip. A single sweater is sufficient in case it gets chilly.

The water temperature in Dubai in May is around +27°C. The scorching sun quickly heats the sea along the coast, allowing tourists to spend a lot of time on the beaches. The water is so comfortable for the body that you may not want to leave it, but at the same time, it’s too warm, not providing relief from the heat.

It’s better to visit the beaches when the sun is less active. Most guests head to the sea in the morning or evening to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. If you do go to the beaches during the day, be sure to use sunscreen.

Entertainment in Dubai in May 

Although the weather in May in Dubai may not suit all tourists, many foreign nationals choose this month for vacation. The reason lies in the reduced cost of tours. Vacation packages and plane tickets in May can be purchased cheaper than in March or April, allowing for savings during the Emirates vacation.

Despite the heat, there are plenty of things to do in the city. During the day, tourists visit local beaches, swim, and engage in water sports. The best beaches in the city are recognized as JBR, Jumeirah Open Beach, and Barasti. For beach relaxation, it’s better to choose the morning hours since by noon, the heat becomes intense, which not even the waters of the Persian Gulf can alleviate.

You can entertain yourself during the day with exciting shopping. The city has numerous malls and large shopping centers where you can spend time under air conditioning without the risk of overheating in the sun. Air conditioning is also provided in various amusement parks, which will be interesting not only for children but also for adults.

By evening, the heat subsides, and vacationers set out to explore the sights. Sightseeing tours include acquainting oneself with Dubai’s architecture, visiting exhibitions, and museums. Tourists also enjoy visiting the Dubai Fountain, known for its spectacular evening performances.

Sunny Days in Dubai in May 

Dubai in May is sunny and dry. There are no more than 2–3 cloudy days throughout the month, and even fewer overcast days—no more than one. Thanks to this, most travelers return from vacation with a beautiful tan. The duration of daylight in the metropolis is 11.6 hours. There is practically no rainfall, and the average monthly precipitation does not exceed 3 mm. Note that you can get sunburned literally within a couple of hours, so try not to stay outdoors for long periods and don’t forget about headgear.


Thus, May in Dubai is characterized by high humidity and unusually high temperatures. The air, especially at noon, feels scorching, and the sea water resembles steamed milk. For those sensitive to weather changes, it’s better to plan the trip for the beginning of the month when the weather conditions are more akin to April’s. In the last decade, the city can become excessively hot, so it’s advisable to check the weather in Dubai in May in advance and plan your trip according to the local climate.

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 Spring in Dubai is a high season and perfect for vacationing. However, it’s best to plan your trip for the beginning of May. During this time, the city is not yet as hot, and cool breezes blow in from the sea.

The average water temperature on the coast of the Persian Gulf in May is +27°C. The sea in Dubai during this period is considered the most comfortable among all the emirates in the country.

Beach recreation in May is one of the main attractions for tourists in Dubai. During this time, you can sunbathe and swim to your heart’s content, while remembering to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

No, the air temperature at night hardly drops below +27°C. But just in case, it’s worth bringing along some clothing with long sleeves.

 Guests of the city have a wide selection of entertainment options to suit any taste. In the morning, you can visit beaches, during the day indulge in shopping or spend time in entertainment centers, and in the evenings, restaurants and exciting sightseeing tours await tourists.

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