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After visiting Dubai for tourism purposes, many citizens have seen all the advantages of living in the UAE. It is truly an amazing country, with strict laws and unlimited opportunities for luxurious living. Moving to Dubai for permanent residency is quite realistic. The process of obtaining the necessary permits is understandable and achievable. Many skilled workers, investors, businessmen, and freelancers have become residents of the country and relocated for permanent residency.

Since 2022, a new decree approved by the Cabinet of Ministers has simplified the process of relocating foreigners to the UAE.

According to the new requirements, when migrating to the UAE, you can purchase real estate, which will allow you to become a resident. If the property’s value is $545,000, the applicant can obtain a “golden visa.” Previously, more stringent laws in the field of immigration policy required the purchase of real estate four times more expensive than it is now to obtain permanent residency. Currently, many citizens participating in immigration programs can live in the country for 3 to 10 years with the possibility of subsequent visa extension.

Among the innovations in the rules of stay in the UAE, it is necessary to mention the possibility of obtaining a “Green visa.” It is issued for 5 years and can be obtained by freelancers, specialists, and businessmen. An important requirement of this visa is that a citizen who has obtained permanent residency cannot be absent from the country for more than six months, otherwise, the visa will be annulled.

For tourists who prefer to visit Dubai frequently for vacation, there is an opportunity to obtain a special tourist visa allowing multiple entries into the country. It is issued for 5 years to tourists who can prove that they have more than $4000 in their account.

Emigration to Dubai is possible for business people. They can obtain a special visa to search for work in the UAE, without the need to apply to the receiving party or find a sponsor. Favorable conditions can be used by individuals who wish to visit relatives, attend courses and trainings, as well as for temporary work on a specific project.

Key Advantages of Obtaining Permanent Residency in the UAE:

The UAE is one of the wealthiest countries globally, where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with modern lifestyles. Geographically well-positioned, the country offers favorable conditions for establishing and growing businesses. Migration to the Emirates and obtaining visas has become easier compared to previous decades due to legislative innovations.

Moreover, many advantages make this country particularly attractive for immigration from Russia to the UAE:

  • Attractive Real Estate Pricing: This year, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai is around $150,000, with the price per square meter ranging from $3,000 to $4,000.
  • Simple Visa Application Process: A visa can be obtained in just a few months. Various special visa options are available for individuals interested in employment, education, or travel, each with specific benefits.
  • Efficient Bureaucratic Procedures: Special online services streamline the process of obtaining documents. Citizens arriving in the UAE can access high-quality government services without facing difficulties in obtaining necessary documents.
  • Low Crime Rate: The crime rate is extremely low, allowing residents to feel safe even when walking alone at night.
  • Banking Services: Opening a bank account requires obtaining a resident card. With this card, individuals can easily access various banking services.
  • Favorable Tax Policies: Working in the UAE is advantageous as taxes are often not applicable in many cases. Residents can rent out apartments, work on salary, receive dividends from stocks and securities, all without paying taxes. Additionally, property and finances inherited are not taxed.
  • Salary Levels: Qualified professionals can expect high salary levels. The average income after tax deductions is $4,700 per month.
  • Communication: Working, studying, and living in Dubai can be done knowing only English, with no requirement to know the official language. Moreover, many citizens speak Russian, and there is a Russian community of 100,000 people. Russian schools, television channels, radio stations, and magazines are available in Dubai.
  • Modern Healthcare: Residents have access to quality and prompt medical services. Many prefer to undergo examinations and treatment in the country’s most prestigious clinics.
  • Attractive Tourism Conditions: High-quality beaches, pleasant water temperatures, and good infrastructure make vacations unforgettable. Since the weather is sunny almost year-round, holidays can be enjoyed throughout the year. The exception is the winter months when the water becomes cold. However, the moderate air temperature allows for visits to cultural sites and attractions.


  • High Temperatures: In the summer months, temperatures reach +40°C, with rainfall being rare. From April to November, local residents spend most of their time indoors with air conditioning.
  • High Cost of Goods and Services: Dubai is indeed a city where real estate rental rates are quite high. Food prices are higher than in Russia. However, citizens enjoy a high income level, allowing them to establish a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Strict Adherence to Traditions: Since Islam is revered in the UAE, strict laws apply everywhere. There are restrictions on alcohol, and smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Women living in the UAE or visiting for vacation should dress modestly. In the metro, there is a separate carriage for women and children, where men are not allowed.
  • Car Rental: Owning a car in Dubai is a significant advantage. Moving on foot is difficult due to the lack of pedestrian-friendly areas. Even reaching the metro or bus stop can be tiresome, especially on hot days. Many establishments are so focused on customers arriving by car that the entrance is only accessible from the parking lot.

When moving to the UAE for permanent residency, citizenship can be obtained according to the law, which is based on “jus sanguinis” or the “right of blood.” This means that a citizen must have Arab origins. In other cases, obtaining citizenship is extremely difficult. It may be granted to residents who have lived in the UAE for over 30 years, have a higher education, and are fluent in Arabic. Citizenship is not granted in cases of criminal convictions.

Ways to Obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in the UAE

There are several ways to obtain a visa. First and foremost, it is necessary to consider two main immigration programs in the UAE.

The “Golden Visa” is issued to citizens for 10 years who have invested in the economy or real estate of the UAE for 2 million AED. This is the most common method of obtaining PR in Dubai. Talented students, researchers, scientists, and qualified specialists who have made a personal contribution to the development of one of the sectors of the UAE can also participate in this program.

The visa can be renewed an unlimited number of times, but it does not grant citizenship. Holders of this type of visa can bring service personnel such as housekeepers, nannies, maids, and butlers into the country. The visa remains valid even if the holder frequently leaves the UAE.

The “Green Visa” is another attractive way to move to Dubai for PR. Investors, self-employed citizens, qualified specialists, and freelancers can participate in the program. The visa is valid for 5 years.

Property Purchase

Citizens who have purchased property in the UAE worth 205 thousand dollars receive residency in the UAE. The visa is issued for a period of 3 years and can be extended at the applicant’s request. However, when selling real estate and changing ownership, it is not extended. You can buy an apartment by paying 100% of the cost or buy it on mortgage by making an initial payment of 50% of the property value. To become a resident, you need to purchase a completed property. The property must be ready for occupancy. One visa can combine several real estate objects, which allows combining the investment amount.

The presented visa allows the head of the family to move his spouse and children to the UAE. It is necessary to consider that the requirements for daughters and sons are different. A daughter of any age can be moved, the main thing is that she is unmarried. The age of sons is up to 18 years. If they are studying at a university, the age limit is up to 21 years. If it is necessary to move parents as well, the applicant will need to deposit an additional amount in the form of a deposit. The applicant’s monthly income must be at least 5400 dollars.

After purchasing real estate, a resident can live in it or receive a stable income by renting it out. To ensure the reliability of the transaction, it is recommended to contact specialized real estate agencies, which will be able to timely check whether the selected apartment, house, or villa is available for sale to foreigners.

Investor’s “Golden Visa”

Citizens holding this type of visa can stay in the country for 10 years, conduct business, and have many privileges. In addition, they can request resident visas for their family members. All age restrictions applicable to family members are lifted.

Many investors are interested in how to move to Dubai to live? To do this, they must purchase real estate worth 545 thousand dollars. This rule has been in effect since 2022. Previously, investments had to be five times higher. To purchase real estate, you can use one of the loan programs offered by a local bank. Investors can invest funds in development projects, but only if they are approved by the government.

Investors and Startups

For this category of citizens, excellent conditions for work and residence are also created. A visa is issued to those who have opened a company with an annual income of over 275 thousand dollars. Permission to open a startup can be obtained from competent local authorities, including the Ministry of Economy of the UAE.

Visas can be obtained by startup owners who have sold their startup in the UAE or abroad for at least 1.9 million dollars.

Highly Skilled Specialists

Highly skilled specialists are needed in many fields of science and industry. For example, if a citizen has good knowledge in the fields of medicine, IT, law, science, or culture, they can expect a positive response when applying for a visa. To obtain it, a contract with the accepting company must be provided, and it must be confirmed that the employer is willing to pay a monthly salary of at least 8200 dollars. Education requirements are also imposed; it must be at least a bachelor’s degree. It will also be necessary to confirm the presence of the first or second professional level. The classification is created by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation of the UAE.

Scientists and Researchers

Another way to obtain a “golden visa” when moving to Dubai from Russia is to receive an invitation from the Emirates Scientists Council. They are interested in masters in the fields of biology, natural sciences, engineering, and PhDs teaching and working in the world’s best universities. Having important achievements in various fields is an additional advantage.

Exceptional Talents

Truly talented individuals can obtain a “Golden Visa” without the need for higher education or academic degrees. It will also not be necessary to confirm a certain salary size. Citizens planning to come to the UAE under this program must be outstanding personalities and obtain approval for entry from a federal or local government authority.

Gifted Students

High school and university students can apply for a “Golden Visa.” This will allow them to stay in the UAE and move their family. To do this, the student must confirm their performance in school with no less than 95% and in university with no less than 3.75 GPA.

Green Visa

In 2022, a special immigration program was approved, allowing the issuance of a visa for a period of 5 years. It can be issued to businessmen, freelancers, investors, and qualified specialists. In fact, the “Green Visa” grants the right to permanent residency in the UAE and has many advantages that emigrating citizens can take advantage of.

So, when obtaining a “Green Visa,” you can bring your spouse, unmarried daughters, and sons up to 25 years old to the United Arab Emirates.

At the end of the visa’s validity period, the expatriate can reapply if the issuance conditions have not changed. Also, if the visa is not requested for a subsequent period, then the citizen has the right to stay in the country for an additional 6 months.

Investors Establishing or Participating in a Company

When establishing a company with a share capital of more than 136 thousand dollars, one can expect to obtain a “Green Visa” valid for 5 years. Previously, under the same conditions, it was issued for only 2 years.

Additionally, businessmen can invest in business ventures. To do this, one needs to obtain permission from business incubators accredited in the UAE. If an investor holds multiple licenses, the total amount of investments in the economy of the United Arab Emirates is taken into account.

Qualified Specialists

Qualified specialists can expect to obtain a “Green Visa” with a valid employment contract. The salary must be at least 4,000 dollars per month. In this case, no sponsor is required, and the visa will be valid for 5 years. When issuing a visa under this program, the applicant must confirm the possession of a bachelor’s degree, and the level of qualification must be at least the first, second, or third professional level. This classification has been approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation of the UAE.

Self-Employed Individuals

Many freelancers are interested in how to move to the UAE for permanent residency. To stay in the UAE for 5 years, a self-employed individual can apply for a “Green Visa” and confirm income for the previous 2 years of at least 98 thousand dollars. Otherwise, it will be necessary to prove financial solvency for the entire period of stay in the United Arab Emirates. To work as a freelancer, one also needs to obtain permission from the Ministry of Human Resources. The applicant must also have a higher education.

Family Reunification

If a citizen has obtained permission for permanent residency, they can apply for family reunification. To do this, they must be able to support family members and document their income. The minimum wage is 1090 dollars per month for men and 2720 for women.

A man can apply for permission to move to Dubai for the following family members:

  • Spouse;
  • Unmarried daughters, regardless of age;
  • Sons. There are age restrictions: up to 18 years old, and if the son is a student, up to 21 years old;
  • Adopted children. It will be necessary to confirm the absence of objections from biological parents;
  • Parents. The applicant must confirm that they can provide for their living in the UAE. The income must be at least 5.5 thousand dollars per month.

If the applicant is a woman and wishes to relocate her entire family to permanent residency in the UAE, she can only do so if she works as a teacher, engineer, or medical worker. Upon approval of the application, she can only bring her spouse and children.


In the UAE, there’s the Go Freelance program. According to its rules, a freelancer can register and obtain a special visa, as well as a license for their freelance activities in a designated zone. Under this permit, they can work and provide services to companies and individuals.

Depending on the freelancer’s field of work, they can choose a specific zone. The license is valid for only 1 year, with a cost of $2,000, which may vary depending on the freelance zone. Additionally, the applicant will need to pay $550 for an Establishment card containing information about their registration. Upon obtaining these documents, the applicant can apply for a 3-year “Green Visa” and subsequently become a sponsor for their family members to relocate to Dubai.


Foreign students can move to Dubai for further education and apply for a visa valid for one year, which can be extended for the entire duration of their studies. However, working under this visa is prohibited. The cost of education ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 per year. One of the admission requirements is the possession of TOEFL and IELTS certificates, confirming proficiency in English.


Citizens planning to work in the UAE must have an employment contract with an employer. In many cases, the employer covers certain expenses such as plane tickets, accommodation, and insurance. The duration of the work visa is 1-2 years, depending on the period specified in the employment contract.

Starting a Business

When planning to start a business, it’s important to consider the economic zone where the company will be registered. The required initial capital investment depends on this factor. In some zones, there are no strict limitations. If relocating the family is necessary, the ability to support them and provide accommodation must be confirmed.

Retirement Program

Some categories of retirees have access to the Retire in Dubai program. It covers citizens aged 55 and above who are self-sufficient. Upon receiving a 5-year visa, they can relocate their spouse and dependent children.

Furthermore, the retiree must belong to one of the four categories participating in the program:

  1. Purchase property worth $550,000 without a mortgage;
  2. Open a bank deposit of $275,000;
  3. Have a passive income in the country amounting to $6,000 per month;
  4. A combination of options 1 and 2. In this case, the purchased property can cost 1 million dirhams ($138,000).

Marriage to a UAE Citizen

Upon marriage to a UAE citizen, a woman gains the right to reside in the country. However, there are many restrictions. For example, she cannot work under this visa. In the future, she can become a citizen after giving birth to a child. It’s important to note that the legislation favors the citizen, and in case of divorce, the woman immediately loses citizenship, while the child remains with the father.

In the event that there are no children in the marriage between a foreign woman and a UAE citizen, she can only apply for citizenship after 10 years of living together.

The situation is radically different if a foreigner marries a UAE citizen. They do not receive any benefits, neither citizenship nor residency. To enter into such a marriage in the UAE, prior permission must be obtained from the Naturalization Department. Otherwise, upon marrying a foreigner, the woman loses her citizenship.

Stages of Obtaining Permanent Residency for Russians

Before submitting documents, citizens must clearly understand what is required for relocation to Dubai. It will be necessary to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this process and prepare thoroughly, especially if planning to relocate the entire family. When planning, it is necessary to take into account financial expenses, which can vary significantly depending on personal circumstances such as family composition, lifestyle, and housing requirements. Below are the main categories of expenses to consider when moving to Dubai for permanent residency.

Visa and Immigration Expenses: Resident visa. Depending on the type of visa (work, entrepreneur, investor, student, freelancer), expenses can range from $1000 to $5000. Medical tests and insurance. Mandatory medical tests and insurance can cost from $500 to $1000 per person. Agency services. If you use the services of an immigration agent or company, you need to consider this expense as well.

  • Housing: Renting an apartment or house in Dubai can vary significantly depending on the area. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center can cost from $1500 to $3000 per month. Usually, a deposit of 1-2 months’ rent is required. Also, it is necessary to calculate monthly expenses for electricity, water, and internet, which can range from $200 to $800.
  • Moving Property: Transporting property by sea container can cost from $3000 to $10000 depending on the volume of the cargo and distance. Insurance for transported property can add another 1-2% of the cargo value. Possible customs duties on the import of certain goods.
  • Transport: Residents need to decide what is more rational: to buy a new or used car. Car prices vary, but approximately range from $10,000 to $50,000 for a used mid-range car. Car insurance can cost from $500 to $1500 per year.
  • Education: If you have children, education in international schools can be expensive, ranging from $5000 to $30,000 per year per child depending on the school.
  • Other Expenses: When renting an empty apartment, you may need additional expenses for furniture and household appliances. Food, transportation, entertainment, medical services are also important expenditure items.

It is important to plan carefully and consider all possible expenses to avoid unexpected financial difficulties when moving to Dubai.

Choosing Grounds for Residency in the UAE

Obtaining citizenship is very difficult since Arab descent is required. Getting a visa is a more accessible way to move to Dubai. It allows becoming a resident and relocating to the UAE permanently.

There are several types of visas in the UAE that allow foreigners to move permanently. Here are the most common options:

  1. Work visa is one of the most popular ways to move to the UAE for permanent residency. It is granted based on an employment contract with an employer registered in the UAE.
  2. Investor visa (Golden Visa) is granted to individuals who invest significant funds in the UAE economy.
  3. Business visa (Startup Visa) is intended for entrepreneurs and startups who want to establish or develop a business in the UAE.
  4. Freelancer visa is granted to individuals who work as independent professionals in various fields such as IT, media, design, etc.
  5. Student visa is granted to foreign students enrolled in accredited educational institutions in the UAE.

Household Matters

When moving, it is important to find housing first. This can be buying an apartment or renting. It will also be necessary to address related issues such as employment, finding a school and kindergarten, and medical insurance. When you analyze all these factors, you will understand whether it is worth moving to Dubai.

Today, there are various opportunities for obtaining a visa and moving for permanent residency. The choice of a specific type of visa depends on goals, financial capabilities, and professional plans. It is important to carefully study the requirements and prepare all necessary documents for a successful move and comfortable living in this country.

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