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Beach holidays in Dubai are unmatched, just like the city itself. Here, unparalleled luxury blends with a dynamic pace of life, alongside the stern traditions of the Islamic world. Every year, thousands of tourists flock here to enjoy leisure time on sandy beaches washed by azure waters. Explore a review of the best beaches you can visit in Dubai.

Best Time to Visit Dubai 

To enjoy beach holidays in Dubai, it’s recommended to choose one of two seasons when weather conditions are most favorable. In spring, from March to May, the air temperature reaches +30°C, while the water temperature is comfortable for swimming at +26°C. Similar temperature patterns are observed from October to December.

During the summer months, the dry tropical climate can feel oppressively hot, and the winters can be cold and unsuitable for swimming. If you plan to dedicate most of your time to excursions during your trip to Dubai, then January is the optimal month, with an air temperature of around 20°C and the most attractive tour prices.

Best Free Beaches 

Many tourists come to Dubai to enjoy beach holidays. A variety of options are available, including both paid and free beaches in Dubai, offering various amenities for relaxation. We recommend exploring the most popular free beaches, where you can enjoy quality leisure time and make use of a range of services. We provide photos of Dubai’s beaches and brief overviews of the areas.

La Mer Beach

One of the vibrant and attractive spots in Dubai is La Mer Beach, stretching over 2.5 km. This place is a multifunctional complex with 1100 parking spaces. The beach impresses with the scale of space organization and abundance of art objects located throughout the area. Here, you can take photos near murals, stands, and sculptures. Guests will notice that chests, anchor chains, and small resting houses are painted in bright colors, reminiscent of Melbourne beaches. The entire atmosphere creates the vibe of an old pirate city. Considering that the beach is in Dubai, a super-modern metropolis, it’s evident that all houses are built with state-of-the-art technology and equipped with modern furniture and air conditioning. An aqua park is located in the central part. Among beach entertainment, tourists are offered attractions for both children and adults, as well as water sports such as flyboarding, wakeboarding, parasailing, and others.

Visiting La Mer Beach allows you to immerse yourself in the world of shopping. Here, you can purchase clothing from world-renowned brands, souvenirs, beachwear, and much more.


Jumeirah Open Beach

A magnificent free beach stretching 800 meters in the Jumeirah area. The territory has everything necessary for a comfortable beach holiday. In one part of the beach, there is a small bay lined with stones. This is one of the favorite spots for tourists looking for unique locations for interesting photos.

The width of the coastal strip is about 100 meters, which is well-maintained. The beach is sandy, and the entrance to the sea is gradual, which is perfect for families with children. The area is equipped with basic facilities: shower cabins, changing rooms, umbrellas, and sun loungers. Special rubberized tracks are arranged for cycling enthusiasts. Fans of active recreation can rent water transport such as jet skis, catamarans, and surfboards.

Relaxing on Open Beach allows you to enjoy a harmonious view, revealing the world-famous sail-shaped hotel.


Barasti Beach

Barasti Beach is one of the most popular relaxation spots in the city, located in the Jumeirah area. It attracts both tourists and locals with its beautiful sandy shore and diverse entertainment.

The Barasti Beach Club offers visitors a wide range of services and entertainment, from cozy sun loungers and beach umbrellas to restaurants, bars, and live music. Here, you can enjoy leisure time under the palm trees, swim in the pool or the sea, and try various cocktails and dishes from around the world.

Barasti Beach is also famous for its parties and events, which are often organized here in the evenings and weekends. It’s a place where you can combine a peaceful seaside holiday with the lively atmosphere of a beach party. Additionally, Barasti is located in close proximity to such landmarks as the Barasti Hotel, Le Meridien Hotel, Marina Mall, and many other attractions and entertainments in Dubai.


Merkato Beach

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Dubai, then be sure to check out Merkato Beach, stretching 1.5 km long and about 300 meters wide. It’s located in the prestigious Jumeirah area along Jumeirah Street. The beach is away from the city quarters, so relaxation here is characterized by tranquility and serenity. The shore is covered with coarse white-gray sand. Many tourists enjoy such wild beaches in Dubai. It’s important to note that there are no sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, or showers with toilets here. All these amenities can be found on the neighboring La Mer Beach.

Nevertheless, the Mercato Shopping Mall is located nearby, where you can purchase clothing from famous brands, home goods, and beach gear.


Jumeirah Sunset Beach

Jumeirah Sunset Beach is considered one of the most beautiful places by the sea. Tourists can enjoy magnificent views of the sail-shaped hotel. It’s a tranquil spot on the coast where you can take a stroll, read a book in peace, and admire beautiful vistas. For those who love active leisure, fishing or surfing are available. Many tourists from the Jumeirah Beach Hotel visit this beach.


Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach, stretching 2 kilometers, is a favorite spot for residents of the adjacent neighborhood. Until 2015, it was a wild beach. Then it was equipped to provide comfort during beach leisure.

The beach boasts crystal-clear sand, perfect for barefoot walks, and it has a gentle entry into the sea. Shopping enthusiasts can stroll along the special promenade located between the pedestrian promenade and the bathing area. Here, you can also visit various dining establishments: cafes, restaurants, and snack bars. The promenade features a fountain, a cinema, and mini-gardens with decorative plants.


Discover the finest paid beaches in Dubai

In Dubai, paid beaches, offering luxurious relaxation, belong to hotels. They fully meet the most stringent requirements of tourists. The areas resemble oasis parks with palm-lined avenues and beautifully landscaped lawns. Tourists have access to everything necessary for a quality beach vacation: attractions, water sports, shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Atlantis Hotel Beaches

The Atlantis beaches are private and belong to The Palm and The Royal hotels. Every tourist can visit the area for a certain fee. It is divided into several zones, and each guest can choose what suits them best. An impressive water park is located here, so many come to visit it and combine active entertainment with beach relaxation. The water park offers a variety of attractions for guests. There is also a large children’s area and extreme slides with transparent tubes and steep descents passing through the aquarium. By paying the entrance fee to the water park, you can use the beach for free. While relaxing here, you can enjoy impeccable views and unmatched landscapes. To visit the beach, it is not necessary to pay the entrance fee to the water park; it is enough to pay only 110 dirhams and relax on the beach belonging to the Royal Beach Hotel. You can immerse yourself in a luxurious atmosphere at the White Beach Club. Here you can purchase alcohol, but there is an age restriction. Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased by those aged 21 and older. The atmosphere will appeal to connoisseurs of sophistication. Here you can swim in a panoramic pool and in the evening enjoy music from famous DJs. The entrance fee varies from 100 to 200 dirhams.


Palm West Beach

Palm West Beach is located in the Jumeirah area. It opened quite recently and over its 4 years of existence has earned a high reputation and is considered one of the best beaches in Dubai. The beach is surrounded by several five-star hotels. Guests are offered a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars. Any tourist or city guest can stroll along the coastline completely free of charge, and if there is a desire to relax on the beach, sunbathe, swim in the sea, then it will be necessary to rent umbrellas and sun loungers from one of the 5 hotels. Palm West Beach stands out for its clean coastline, magnificent panoramic views of the ferris wheel. Many enjoy walking along the wooden flooring laid along the coast. Beach guests can rent a catamaran, paddleboard, kayak, or catamaran. An important feature of the beach is that you can walk here with your pet, so in the evening the promenade area is particularly crowded and there are many dogs.


Sheraton Hotel Beach

In the central district of Dubai, in close proximity to The Walk promenade, one of the luxurious beaches is located, which is loved by families with children. Important advantages: fine and pleasant-to-the-touch sand, a gentle entrance to the sea, crystal clear water, abundance of greenery. It is pleasant to relax in the shade of palm trees on a hot day. The beach is equipped with comfortable sun loungers, and there is a spacious pool with fresh water on the territory. Various refreshing drinks are served at the poolside bar. A pool with heated water is specially equipped for children. Throughout the day, animators work with them. There is a volleyball court on the beach. And to engage in water sports, you can rent equipment.


Jumeirah Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach Park is a scenic oasis amidst the sandy desert spanning approximately 1 kilometer. It offers all the amenities needed for a comfortable retreat, including shower cabins, changing rooms, sports sections, and entertainment areas. Visitors to this beach marvel at its pristine natural beauty. Mini-gardens with exotic plants and palm trees line the coastline, providing perfect spots for sunbathing. The beach boasts clean, white sand that’s easy to traverse without special footwear, and the entry into the sea is gradual and safe for children.


Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park is another popular destination for affordable beach outings in Dubai. Its shoreline is surrounded by a lush park with exotic plants, adding to its appeal. Suitable for family, beach, and sports activities, the park offers all the necessary amenities for a full day by the water. With an impressive complex spanning 99 hectares, there’s ample space for visitors, and parking is available for 1,500 cars.


Jebel Ali Beach

Jebel Ali Beach, located near Jebel Ali district in the northern part of the city, is a beautiful beach favored by both locals and tourists. Divided into public and private sections, it offers clean sand, warm golden sunshine, and crystal-clear waters of the Persian Gulf. The beach provides various opportunities for water sports, waterfront dining, and stunning views of Dubai’s skyline.


Beach Activities

In Dubai, beach activities are diverse and cater to all ages and interests. Everyone can find something to enjoy: lounging on the sand, soaking in magnificent views, having fun on water park rides, or engaging in water sports. If you’re planning a visit to Dubai, consider some popular activities:

  • Beach Games: Beach areas are spacious with soft, fine sand, ideal for playing frisbee, volleyball, or soccer. The seaside never gets dull, with a wide range of activities always available. Many beaches offer beach volleyball opportunities, including tournaments and competitions for enthusiasts.
  • Water Sports: For tourists preferring active sports, there are excellent opportunities. Everyone can try kite surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, or water skiing. Beaches offer equipment rentals and lessons from instructors.
  • Cycling: Many Dubai residents enjoy cycling. JBR Beach and Kite Beach have rubberized tracks for cycling and rollerblading. Renting equipment is convenient for tourists.
  • Beach Amusement Parks: Some Dubai beaches, such as JBR Beach and La Mer Beach, have amusement parks with rides, water slides, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Children’s Entertainment: Many beaches have playgrounds with rides, play areas, and picnic spots, perfect for families with children.
  • Luxury Beach Clubs: Dubai is known for its luxurious beach clubs where you can rent loungers, cabanas, and enjoy service right on the shore, along with cocktails and snacks.
  • Promenade Walks: Some beaches, like JBR Beach Residence, offer beautiful promenades for walks, where you can enjoy stunning views and atmosphere.
  • Dining and Shopping: Many Dubai beaches, such as La Mer and JBR Beach, have adjacent restaurants and shops, allowing you to purchase local crafts or enjoy great food with an ocean view.
  • Camel Rides: Surprisingly, such entertainment is available to tourists. Some Dubai beaches offer camel rides along the coastline.

Dubai’s amazing and luxurious beaches offer much more than just sea, sun, and sand. They provide a world of enjoyment and unparalleled nature. Dubai’s beaches are well-equipped and maintained in excellent condition, with clean sand, relaxation areas, and sports facilities. Many places offer breathtaking views of the city skyscrapers and nearby islands. Sunsets here are particularly impressive. Keep in mind that the availability of entertainment and services may vary depending on the beach.

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The best beaches in Dubai offer sun loungers, umbrellas, towels, access to showers and toilets, as well as the opportunity to rent water sports equipment and diving and snorkeling gear.

Prices for visiting paid beaches in Dubai may vary depending on the location and services provided. Usually, the cost of entry starts from approximately 100 to 200 dirhams per person.

Paid beaches in Dubai often host various events and activities such as beach parties, concerts, yoga or pilates sessions, as well as the opportunity to visit SPA salons.

Yes, many paid beaches in Dubai have specially equipped children’s areas with playgrounds, rides, and special entertainment programs for children.

During peak season or holidays, it is recommended to book places at paid beaches in Dubai in advance, especially if you plan to visit beaches in popular resort areas such as Jumeirah Beach.

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