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April is one of the most comfortable months for a resort vacation in Dubai. At this time, there is no strong heat yet, but the warm sea allows you to swim and sunbathe to your heart’s content. The weather conditions are conducive to long walks and sightseeing of local attractions. The city is in full swing with water parks, dolphinariums, and entertainment centers, which attract many families with children. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the weather in Dubai in April and explain why many tourists prefer to travel to the UAE in the middle of spring.

Advantages of traveling to Dubai in April

Visiting the emirate in April is a great way to relax without suffering from the summer heat. The choice of traveling in mid-spring is explained by many reasons:

  • Comfortable weather. The air and sea temperatures are ideal for visiting beaches. There is practically no precipitation, and the sun is not too active yet to suffer from the heat.
  • Opportunities for successful shopping. Dubai is a duty-free zone, so you can make profitable purchases during your trip.
  • A large variety of fruits. Tourists have the opportunity to saturate their bodies with vitamins, which they lack after a long winter.
  • Great conditions for walking. Thanks to the mild heat, Dubai guests can spend a lot of time sightseeing and exploring architectural monuments.
  • End of the tourist season. In May, the emirate begins to experience hot weather, which lasts until October, so in April, tourists still have the opportunity to rest comfortably.

Features of visiting Dubai in April

April in the city is dominated by moderately hot days, so warm clothes may not be needed. Just in case, you can take a light sweater or shawl, as there are 1-2 rainy days in the month. The rest of the luggage should preferably consist of light and bright clothes made of natural fabrics.

When choosing clothes for the trip, it is worth remembering that Dubai, although it is a cosmopolitan city, its residents follow Sharia laws. Therefore, when visiting the emirate, it is better to refrain from overly revealing clothing, including bikinis. It is better to take loose trousers for men and conservative suits, dresses for women on the trip.

Don’t forget about sunglasses, hats, or caps. The weather in Dubai at the end of April is already quite hot, and the sun is deceptive, so you should protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays. You will also need sunscreen for your trip, otherwise, you can quickly get a sunburn.

It is recommended to travel to the city with children at the beginning of the month, when the sun is not too hot yet, and the sea water is already well heated for swimming. If you are planning a trip at the end of April, be sure to bring children’s sunscreen.

Weather in Dubai in April

In April, summer reigns in the emirate. At the beginning of the month, there is no suffocating heat like in July and August, and cool breezes periodically blow from the sea, so the high air temperature is easily tolerated. Excellent weather conditions make April the best time for a family vacation. Many tourists come to the city with children who are waiting for dolphinariums, zoos, and attractions.

The temperature in Dubai in April starts to rise gradually. Humidity also increases, bringing morning fog and a feeling of stuffiness at noon. By the middle of the month, it is already not advisable to stay in the sun for a long time, as there is a risk of getting sunburned. In the last decade, the thermometer reaches the highest marks for this month, and Dubai experiences real heat.

Air and sea temperature in April

The emirate has a desert dry climate, which is characterized by mild winters and extremely high temperatures in the summer season. Spring is the most pleasant time to travel to the city. The daytime air temperature in April stays around +32°C, and by nightfall, it drops to +26…+27°C. However, this month often sees sharp changes in weather conditions, so it is advisable to take something warm with you.

The water temperature in Dubai in April is ideal for swimming. By mid-spring, the sea warms up well, allowing tourists to splash around and engage in underwater diving for a long time. Already at the beginning of the month, the water off the coast of the Persian Gulf has a temperature of +25°C, and by the end of April, it warms up to +27°C.

Precipitation in Dubai in April

The probability of rain is extremely low, so you don’t need to take an umbrella. In spring, the Arabian Emirates enter the dry season. On average, Dubai receives 2.6 mm of precipitation per month, and the humidity in April is 50-60%. The key feature of this period is frequent morning fogs, which should be taken into account when moving around the city by car.

Sunny days in Dubai in April

In April, there is almost no cloudy weather in the emirate. Only 10% of days this month are cloudy, while 90% are clear. The number of sunny hours in the city is up to 11.6 hours per day. Bright sun, especially at noon, can lead to sunstrokes, so don’t forget about headgear during walks.


A trip to Dubai in April will allow you to escape from the spring dampness of the moderate climate and immerse yourself in real summer. The city will delight you with comfortable air temperature, warm sea, and plenty of entertainment. The main thing is to wear “breathable” clothing made of natural fabrics, use sunscreen, and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. If you take the necessary precautions, the trip will leave you with only bright, unforgettable emotions.

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Give preference to clothes made of cotton, as it is hygroscopic and prevents the body from overheating. It is desirable that the clothing has a flowing silhouette, is not transparent, and does not expose the back and chest.

Yes, the water temperature off the coast of Dubai stays around +25°C, so the sea in this period is perfect even for small children.

Sandstorms in April are rare. But winds often blow from the sea, with speeds of up to 7-8 m/s.

Beach holidays can be combined with sightseeing, visiting museums, and walking around the historic district of Bastakiya. Children will enjoy the local water parks and the aquarium in the Dubai Mall.

During the daytime, the city experiences a fairly high temperature – up to +32°C. But it is usually well tolerated and does not force tourists to hide in the hotel.

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