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In the context of dynamic business development, creating a company in the UAE requires a pragmatic approach, one of the most important elements of which is the acquisition of suitable office space. Dubai, a thriving hub for global trade, offers a range of solutions to suit different business needs. 

Let’s look at the necessary considerations when choosing office space for those embarking on this entrepreneurial journey.

1. Compliance with business structure:

Different business structures require different approaches to choosing office space. For example, companies operating in a free zone may require office space in a given territory (Free zone), respectively, and companies operating on the so-called “mainland” may require office space located in commercial areas.

2. Choosing the right location:

Selecting a suitable location is of utmost importance, considering the suitability of the activity and the target market. Factors to consider include accessibility, proximity to customers or suppliers, and the general business environment in the area.

3. Size matters:

The size of the office space is a crucial aspect that needs to be checked depending on the chosen organizational structure of the business and the number of employees. Understanding and adhering to minimum room size requirements is important.

4. Conclusion of a lease agreement:

Concluding a lease agreement for the selected office space is an important step. The lease agreement must cover the required period and comply with the conditions set by the relevant authorities regulating the activities of commercial organizations.

5. Regulatory approval:

Some authorities may require pre-approval of the selected office premises before proceeding with the company formation process. It is necessary to ensure that the selected office space meets the criteria they have set.

6. Furniture and equipment:

Depending on the nature of the business, furnishing the office space and equipping it with the necessary equipment is crucial for smooth operation.

7. No Objection Certificate (NOC):

For those using their home address as an office location, obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord or management company may be a requirement.

8. Ejari Registration:

In some cases, registering a rental agreement with Ejari, the government system that regulates rental relations in Dubai, is mandatory.

9. Providing evidence:

Providing proof of office space is mandatory. These include the rental agreement, map of the area, photographs and any other documentation required by the relevant authorities.

10. Compliance checks and permission to operate:

To ensure compliance, regulatory agencies may conduct a compliance review before issuing final approval. Once all office space requirements are met, entrepreneurs can begin obtaining the necessary operating permits and licenses, the culmination of a painstaking process. This guide serves as a valuable resource to help you navigate the complex landscape of office space acquisition and ensure a smooth transition from setup to operation.

Unfortunately, our organization does not provide services for registering a business in the UAE, but we will be happy to help you in choosing a suitable office space, based on the above criteria and aspects.

You can check the availability of office spaces and premises by searching the site, as well as by contacting our specialists.

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